IPv6 link-local duplicate bring the ipv6 traffic on POS interface

Issue : ipv6 route not installed , interface up  , ipv6 protocol down.
Image : IOS XR 4.2.4 - GSR12810
show ipv6 interface brief
#show ipv6 interface brief
POS0/2/0/1             [Up/Down]
But interface is up /up
show int POS0/2/0/1  
POS0/2/0/1 is up, line protocol is up  (APS not Configured )
if you check the ipv6 interface its reveals hence the interface deteced duplicate link local its brings down the ipv6 protocol.
#show ipv6 interface pos 0/2/0/1

 [KPOS0/2/0/1 is Up, ipv6 protocol is Down, Vrfid is default (0x60000000)
  IPv6 is down (link local duplicate), link-local address is fe80::387c:dfff:fee6:b908 [DUPLICATE]
  Global unicast address(es):
    2001:x:x:xx::1e, subnet is 2001:x:x:x::1c/126 [TENTATIVE]
  Joined group address(es): ff02::1:ffe6:b908 ff02::2 ff02::1
Quite strange issue , can related to multiple bug ids : CSCtq57619, CSCeh47611 and CSCtq55280 i've resolved issue after manually binding the link local address but i think following will do :
clear ipv6 duplicate addresses


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