CRS-3 RommonA upgrade issues

First of all if you try to upgrade rommonA there is no option for rommonA in the FPD filed.

upgrade hw-module fpd rommonA location 0/3/CPU0

Eventually you will get following Message and no rommonA upgrade will occur .

No lc rommonA on location 0/3/CPU0 need upgrade at this time.

you have to force the rommanA upgrade to occur . Following is the command to upgrade the one line card.

upgrade hw-module fpd rommonA force location 0/3/CPU0

Starting the upgrade/download of following FPD:
=========== ==== ======= ======= =========== =========
                                   Current    Upg/Dng
Location    Type Subtype Upg/Dng   Version    Version
=========== ==== ======= ======= =========== =========
0/3/CPU0    lc   rommonA upg         2.06        2.07  
Successfully upgraded   rommonA for                MSC_B on location    0/3/CPU0 from  2.06 to  2.07

reload location 0/3/cpu0

after reloading the device will detect the right rommonA

show hw-module fpd location all

0/3/CPU0     CRS1-SIP-800               0.88  lc   fpga1   0       6.00     No
                                              lc   rommonA 0       2.07     No
                                              lc   rommon  0       2.07     No


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