Fixing Cacti Zoom Refreshing

May be silly feature , but sometimes required in monitoring.
Cacti Version : 0.8.8a previous version support this feature seems to be.
Cacti refreshing functionally using http meta tag, but if the action is "zoom" meta tag set to 99999 sec.
First chage the refresh timer according to your RRD time interval ( default 5 min ) .

                print "";
        }else if (isset($_REQUEST["action"]) && $_REQUEST["action"] == 'zoom') {
                print "";

Changed the content='99999' to content='300' But zoom action sending start , end Unix epoch timers. Therefore modify the /cacti/graph.php as follows. Line 265
   Zoom Graph
Edit the value as follows :
  Zoom Graph
Don't forget to take backup your system .


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