Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whether we can give actual details to the forums ?

After the release of the whole Mysql database ( 85000 users detail (if we remove the duplicate at least 50000 users) I searched my data obviously listed there.. :( Anyway i used to rotate my passwords and use lame passwords in the forums i feel safe. But after the breach the owners could advise the users of the group may be they don’t have the data now ? Some of the hashes i could reverse. I searched some Sri Lankan users around 30 users i could reverse some of the users password obviously my one too as reference ;).

Hope dedicated crackers could use large rainbow table to reverse more of it I don’t wont to waste my time.

One reverse hashing site: ( if you have better sites please let me know)

1023 passwords are - "123456" :)
384 - password is "password"
329 - password is "rootkit"
190 - 111111
181 - 12345678
174 - qwerty

Analysis about the attack:

jibberjabber :)

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