Internet Banwidth will be free ?

Few years back getting 1Mb bandwidth internet port cost much , the same scenario experienced by the mobile operators. when the competition increases the new price model and service oriented architecture and focus on the data services increases. But the wholesale internet business seems to be facing the same problem . "Wholesale Internet Bandwidth Prices Keep Falling" according to the 2008 report it suggest between 10$ -14$ this values indicate the US pops pricing . But in the Asian countries specially south Asian countries the pricing stricture really high when compared to Europe due to the lack of infrastructure. But the Indian market giving the pressure to reduce the pricing structure. That will have certain impact on the neighbor countries.
with this in mind when reaching 2020 the per Gigabit cost will be the same and the services that use to offer will be the dominating factor in the service providers. Hosting may migrate to community offer or hybrid cloud structure. where the ipv6 will gives individuals to host their own service. reliability will be given through the distributed peer to peer structure. Wireless providers will be moved to promising wireless new standardize such as 802.11ac. (802.11ac Standard Will Bring Gigabit Speeds to WiFi) . and upcoming new standards.

Internet will be a utility service , but the services the user going to be consume will dominate the pricing. This can't be a free service but the charges can be indirectly obtained through different ways.


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