network related project concepts

Some of the ideas I've thought may be some people already done, but need to do literature survey on these areas:
1) Application issue identification based on network analysis.
Since i'm working in an ISP sometime really hard to figure out the application issues that affected by network interaction. such as packet loss , throughput , mtu , jitter etc ... analyzing the packet using wireshark or other tools sometimes won't reveal important factors. ( May be i don't know how to use this tool :) ) .
initial search yields some commercial tools ....

2) Data management for Network Management data.
This is related to my previous post. Data capturing and logging almost standardized but how we are analyzing and how to take action mostly depend on the requirement on hand. Based on the requirements there can be different ideas.
* Mal-ware , bot control traffic etc .. signature extraction
* CRM integration
* Network event identification
* Digital Forensic analysis
* etc...


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