Mikrotik Hierachical Queue

This particular setup to provide guaranteed bandwidth for Mail traffic. I archived through Queue tree because we can archive most complicated queuing structure through queue tree and pcq.

This is a simple setup:
1) Need to mark the relevant connection andpackets.
This can be a ip firewall address list / src address or port number this is depend on your requirements.
2) Define parent queue and child queues.

1)Mark the connection for mail traffic:
chain=prerouting action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=mail passthrough=yes src-address=

chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=mail-packet passthrough=no connection-mark=mail

chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=others passthrough=yes packet-mark=!mail
(please note the ! sign)

create relevant queues and apply it.

3 name="Parent" parent=ether3 packet-mark="" limit-at=0 queue=default priority=8 max-limit=1024000 burst-limit=0
burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s

4 name="Mail" parent=Parent packet-mark=mail limit-at=256000 queue=default priority=8 max-limit=1024000 burst-limit=0
burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s

5 name="queue1" parent=Parent packet-mark=others limit-at=768000 queue=default priority=8 max-limit=1024000

This particular queuing strategy will satisfy the above requirements. You can identify the particular traffic using different parameters :)


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